Flash Me New York And Jacksonville, Florida Commercial Photography - Corporate Photos Photographer in New York And Jacksonville, Florida


Professional PORTRAITS and Corporate HEADSHOTS

Outdoor and in-studio sessions (located near the St. John's Town Center), as well as onsite studio services during corporate events or at your company's location.


From corporate conferences to art openings and everything in between, utilizing innovative flash and lighting techniques. It goes beyond the traditional, blending flattering and creative shots. Embracing a natural, photojournalistic style, it captures authentic, unscripted moments, also posed, preserving the genuine atmosphere of every event.

Edited digital images in high resolution will be delivered within 5 business days via a Dropbox link.


We provide half-day, full-day catalog photo shoots and hourly photo sessions.

Restaurants: or food brands, ideal for new establishments, menu changes, or a complete visual refresh, marketing materials, website and social media content, press releases, brand building etc.

Retail Stores: Showcase products, highlight special promotions, and capture the ambiance of your store.

Fashion Brands: Display clothing collections, accessories, and create a visually appealing portfolio for marketing and online platforms.

E-commerce Businesses: Produce high-quality images of products for your online store, enhancing the overall presentation.

Small Businesses: Whether you're a boutique, bakery, or any other local business, a catalog photoshoot can help present your offerings professionally.

Hospitality Industry: Highlight hotel rooms, amenities, and the overall atmosphere to attract guests and visitors.

In essence, a catalog photoshoot can benefit any business or individual looking to visually represent their offerings in a professional and compelling manner.

Optional services include onsite studio setup.